The Cusabo Nation Lacrosse mission is to expand awareness and opportunities to play youth lacrosse, increase diversity of players and affordability, and assist in providing excellent facilities, fields and instruction.

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We are a few weeks into season and I appreciate everyone coaching and putting in the time.  It looks like we have good weather for this week and weekend and should be on track for games.  Now that we are “in season” just a  quick reminder of why we are here. 


I want to emphasize that the City of Charleston runs a Recreation league Lacrosse program.  Just as we run other sports like soccer, baseball and basketball.  So we are a everyone plays concept, unlike travel ball (put your sport here). 


So just a reminder that all kids that are showing up for  practice and making the effort to work hard get the opportunity to play and maybe even start a game.  Some rosters are light and a few are heavy and I know it can be difficult to rotate all players in but that is what our goal is.  To teach the game and coach the game for all players new, old, great and maybe not so great. So I just remind all of you that as we do more games and maybe less practices that we give every opportunity to those that make the effort to arrange their schedules and make practices get to apply those skills your teaching at practices and play in games. 


We know parents and families have many activities that children are involved in, but it is important to honor commitment and dedication.  So if players are missing practices due to other commitments and then just show up and play in games, what message does that show to those that are making your practices and not playing or starting.  Again just a reminder as we move forward that we want to emphasize playing the game and teaching the game and everyone gets time on the field.


I want to thank Cusabo and all their board members that are helping organize, running fields and even sometimes refereeing games for all their help.


Also remember to send me scores from your games. 


Thanks everyone!!



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