The Cusabo Nation Lacrosse mission is to expand awareness and opportunities to play youth lacrosse, increase diversity of players and affordability, and assist in providing excellent facilities, fields and instruction.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions:


Only by registering you will receive communications: rosters, practice & game schedules, or updates.


Payment Options

Online payments can be made by electronic check through Dwolla.

See their website for more information

Payment can also be made by check. You can deliver the check by hand or mail it too.

When making out checks please note that for Team Offerings are made payable to:


Cusabo Nation Lacrosse, Inc.

PO Box 20040

Charleston, SC 29413

Cusabo Nation Player Requirements (Travel, Clinics, Camps):

  • We require your player to be a member of US Lacrosse for insurance purposes. The annual cost is $25.00. Your player will receive the monthly US Lacrosse Magazine.
  • We require that you fill out the Emergency Medical form online.  

Returning Parents/Players ONLY:

Please do not register as NEW.  Please make sure that you use your email address and password from prior registrations. If you do not remember your password select RESET. To reset your email address/user name please contact .


General FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the difference between Cusabo Nation Lacrosse and Renegades Lacrosse?

A: Cusabo Nation Lacrosse is a non-profit organization that partners with the City of Charleston to organize opportunities to play lacrosse in Charleston as well and raises money to maintain the lacrosse fields and facilities. Renegades Lacrosse is a for-profit organization that organizes instruction and tournament play outside of the City of Charleston Spring Rec Ball Season.


Q: What opportunities to play lacrosse do the Cusabo Nation Lacrosse and Renegades Partnership offer?

A: The City of Charleston and Cusabo Nation Lacrosse partner for the City of Charleston’s Spring Rec Ball Program. Registration and payment for this program is done through the City of Charleston and Cusabo Nation Lacrosse provides coaches, player recruitment and administrative assistance.

Cusabo Nation Lacrosse and Renegades Lacrosse partner to provide Summer and Fall instruction and tournament play. Please view our full offerings at or click here:


Q: My child has not played lacrosse before, is there an opportunity for him or her to learn?

A: Yes, see our Learn to Play Offering description and also look out for the many free clinics that we offer throughout the year.

The best way to learn more and keep up to date on our offerings is to Join Our Mailing List.


Q: What about Equipment? What is needed and how much does it cost?

A: The average cost of new equipment for a beginner ranges from $250-350. Please Click Here to learn about Equipment options and places to buy.


Q: Who are the Coaches and what is their training?

A: Our coaching staff is US Lacrosse Level 1 certified. We have been trained in the Positive Coaches Alliance methods. Please, go to to learn more about this method. Our Coaching philosophy is developmental and appreciative to the differing skill levels that a youth player will exhibit. We love the sport and want to grow it here in the Greater Charleston Area. To learn more about our coaches see our Coaching Staff page. All Recreational Ball coaches are volunteer and must complete a background check through the City of Charleston. Background checks are also a requirement of US Lacrosse Level 1 certification.


        Q. What is your Coaching Philosophy?

A. We want the girls and boys to love the sport. We believe that we have done our job if the boys and girls come to understand our three common values: Unselfishness, Discipline, and Teamwork. We talk about it at every practice, citing examples of players demonstrating the values on and off the field. To learn more about our coaching philosophy please go to or go to the following web page:


        Q. What is your policy on Playing Time?

A. For the beginning age groups, Grades 1-3 or U7 and U9 levels, we believe strongly in making sure the boys and girls get equal playing time. For the Spring City Rec ball program, equal playing time is a requirement. In travel tournament play, we support the viewpoint of equal playing time; however, it is taken from a five game tournament weekend perspective. There are definitely some critical games in the tournament that less skilled players do not play as much. We play as a team and each player must contribute to the overall goal of winning and working together. We do balance play time over the course of the 5-6 games during the tournament weekend. Bottom line, it is a lot of lacrosse in one weekend and every boy is pushed physically. In the 10 v. 10 game a roster of 20 players is the preferred number that allows for each player to get ample opportunities to make meaningful contributions on and off the field.


Q: My child would like to play but I can’t afford the registration fees. What is the criteria and how do I apply for a player scholarship?

A: We offer scholarships to select players. After reviewing our criteria for eligibility, please contact us for consideration.

Scholarship Application Criteria and Form


Q: What are some of the costs that arise during the season outside of the registration fees?

A: Other costs include US Lacrosse membership ($25), Uniform ($80, for new travel players only) and costs related to traveling to out of town tournaments such as transportation, food, and hotel stays.


Q: How do I get a US Lacrosse Membership? What are the benefits of this membership?

A: Follow this link to the US Lacrosse Membership page. To learn about the benefits of membership please see the following page:


Q: Under what conditions do you cancel practice? How do I find out if practice is canceled?

A: We cancel practice in the event of thunderstorms or heavy rain. All registered players and parents will receive an email alert that practice has been canceled. To receive an email alert you must be registered for the season and have selected the email prompt under your profiles email address.


Q: What does the money raised for Cusabo Nation Lacrosse, Inc. go towards?

A: Field maintenance, maintenance equipment, practice and game equipment, coaches and referee training, and scholarships for qualified players.


Q: How can I help? I would like to volunteer and/ or donate to Cusabo Nation Lacrosse, Inc.

A: We are a parent led organization and have many opportunities for parent volunteers to get involved. We have three volunteer committees: Learn It, Live It, and Give It.


Learn It Committee

The focus of the Learn It Committee is to provide coaching and referee support to Cusabo Nation Lacrosse during Spring Rec Ball.  The Nation needs Coaches, Assistant Coaches, and Referees to volunteer their time for the City of Charleston Spring Rec Ball program. High School students will also earn community service hours. The members of this committee work with the coaches to recruit volunteers, as well as document Coaching materials, and organize training/clinic opportunities for Coaches, Referees, and players.


Live It Committee

The focus of the Live It Committee is to support the Nation's in-season programs, as well as recruit players to the Nation. Here are some ways you can help: Outreach to local schools and organizations to raise awareness and promote P.E. Stick Programs. Become a Team Manager. You will help in communications with players and parents about logistics, offerings and registration. Other opportunities include: Photography and Social Media Management, Game Film, Celebration/Acknowledgement of player accomplishments by collecting statistics and giving out prizes. Oversight of Grounds Maintenance.


Give It Committee

The focus of the Give It Committee is to support the fundraising efforts of the Nation. Fundraising opportunities are events, corporate sponsorships and capital campaigns. Other ways to raise money for the organization include organizing lacrosse tournaments at our home field, managing our online store with Cusabo Nation gear, as well as managing and selling concessions. This committee will also  coordinate equipment donations for scholarship players. 


Click Here to view our Volunteer Registration page:


Click here to see our current Fundraising Needs and to Donate Click the Donate Now Buttons on many of our pages: