The Cusabo Nation Lacrosse mission is to expand awareness and opportunities to play youth lacrosse, increase diversity of players and affordability, and assist in providing excellent facilities, fields and instruction.

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Our Chief Volunteers!

Robert Hagood, Founding Member - President
Robert had the opportunity to play lacrosse in high school in Pennsylvania. Playing on several teams in Pennsylvania was foundational to his love of the sport. For the past several years he has volunteered as a coach in the Mt. Pleasant Rec Department league. A father of both girls and boys he is very interested in making sure the sport of lacrosse grows and becomes a part of the lives of all of our Charleston youth. What a game!
Dan Russler, Founding Member - Vice President
Dan and his family are avid sports participants. Dan has children that play lacrosse, basketball,  and football. Dan's involvement with the Charleston City Rec department through football and lacrosse has been an instrumental part of our coming to formation. Dan has a real passion around developing this great sport in the Greater Charleston and downtown area. He has a passion about increasing diversity of players.
Donovan Smith, Founding Member - Secretary

Eric Strickland, Board Member



Richard Moxley, Board Member

  Past Members

Shelly Shattuck

Megan Holmes

Matt Walsh



Learn It, Live It, and most importantly Giving it............

Each of the three founding board members began to formally meet in the Fall of 2013. We are all parents of elementary to high school lacrosse players who have found themselves to be members of what some call "Lax Families". Realizing the importance of field space and organizational structure, we have joined together to help the parents, coaches, and first and foremost, the players develop a great program here in Charleston.

What we have learned, overall, is that there are great programs to model that are established in our northern lacrosse cities and townships. We are not attempting to re-invent the wheel. Programs that we have "borrowed" from are the Richmond, Va program, the Manhasset Police Athletic League (PAL) on Long Island, NY, the Laxachussets program just south of Boston, Massachusetts, the Mason Ohio Lacrosse Program, V3 Lacrosse of Virginia and US Lacrosse.

What makes us a little different from many of the programs that you may have come across is that we are a Non Profit, parent run organization. We are here in this community to promote, organize, and develop the sport of lacrosse.

The kids want to play and we have to organize it for them.

Above all else, our approach requires parent volunteers. Please email us on thoughts or issues that you would like to get involved in!

Please Volunteer! Email us from the HOME PAGE TAB.